Quiraxis | Teleanestesia
Quiraxis es una aplicación web realizar consultas de preanestesia de forma accesible y segura por videoconferencia, entre pacientes y médicos anestesiólogos. Aporta soluciones al aumento de la actividad quirúrgica y al déficit de recursos humanos en Anestesiología, problemas conocidos de nuestro sistema sanitario, que se ha visto agravados, además, por la pandemia de COVID-19.
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Created by and for anaesthesists

Combines video-conferencing and an exhaustive assessment protocol –including literature references and recommendations from the main scientific societies- for carrying out a customized online pre-anaesthesia consultation.

In QUIRAXIS we want the best for patients.

Quality & safety

We increase both safety and quality in pre-operation medical care.

A good pre-anaesthesia assessment that is specific, personal and oriented results in calmer, safer patients and in time and travel-related savings.

Increased patient portfolio

Our application allows anaesthetists to carry out a quality online pre-anaesthesia assessment integrated within a computer format that is carefully designed, resulting in unified, updated best recommendations available while enabling a practical, intuitive application.


Enables visual contact between anaesthetists and patients as well as an assessment of the airways.

Reports and tests

Sends to physicians any pre-operative tests as required while sending advice and or informed consents to patients.


Sets up a channel between patients, anaesthetists and relevant healthcare institutions.


Enables healthcare institutions increased safety and quality while achieving reductions in waiting lists, delays, cancellations and operating room complications.


Allows more and better pre-anaesthesia consultations. Results in time savings and, most especially, operates as a genuine safety belt for patients, anaesthetists and healthcare institutions.

Certified platform

Please get in touch with us and we will provide you with solutions that are best suited to your needs.

Our Partners

Equipo azul anestesia is a pioneer in out-of-operating-room anaesthesia in Andalusia and a leading provider of anaesthesia-related services in Malaga and Costa del Sol.


One of Europe’s most advanced, state-of-the art clinics in assisted reproduction.

Ovobanks is Europe’s Nº1 Egg Cell Bank.

Amplia Experiencia

Somos un equipo que cuenta con más de 10 años de experiencia en diversos países de le Unión Europea. Expertos en gestión sanitaria y anestesiología en medicina pública y privada.


Please, get in touch with us and we will provide you with solutions that are best suited to your needs. We keep our platform permanently updated in order to meet present and future certification requirements on contents and data protection.

Safety and assurance

Time and costs savings